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Magic Shop

Ball and Vase

This is the first trick Baffling Bill saw when he was five years old and inspired him to become a magician.  The ball magically vanishes from, penetrates through, and re-appears in the vase.  Easy to do, with the complete apparatus and instructions enclosed.

For ages four and up.

$5.00 (shipping and handling included)

Magic Bird Whistle

The secret to making a sound like a bird is to simply fill it with water to just below its tail feather.  Blow into it and it will warble like a beautiful bird (and probably drive your parents crazy!)

For ages three and up.

Available colors: red, blue, green, orange.

$2.50 (shipping and handling included)

Willie the Wonder Mouse

This is a wonderful magic trick that dates back to Victorian England.  It's a cute gray mouse that crawls on your hands as if alive!  It's easy to do once you know the secret.  (You can scare your mommy with this one!)

For ages five and up.

$3.50 (shipping and handling included)

Magic Cups and Balls

This is the oldest trick in magic, it was first discovered from Egyptian hieroglyphics.  The balls magically pass from under one cup to the other, pass through the cups, appear and vanish.  Complete apparatus and easy-to-do routine supplied.  This trick is easy to do sleight of hand.

For ages six and up.

$5.00 (shipping and handling included)

Magic Jumping Beans

Mysterious, mechanical jumping beans will perform acrobatics in the palm of your hand.

For ages four and up.

$2.50 (shipping and handling included)

Magic Genie Bottle

Show your friends an empty bottle and tell them that there is an invisible genie inside.  To prove this, put a rope in the bottle, and command the genie to swing the bottle back and forth.  The genie will let go of the rope at your command.  Then, give it to your friends to try and they won't be able to do it!  You know why?  The genie will only listen to his master, you!

For ages five and up.

$4.50 (shipping and handling included)

Snappy Gum

A harmless (but fun!) practical joke to pull on your brother or sister.  Offer them a piece of gum and as they pull it out the get a startling snap on their finger!

For ages four and up.

$2.50 (shipping and handling included)

Color Vision Mind Reading Block

This is an amazing mind reading trick in which you can reveal the upper most color of a block with six different colored spots placed by a spectator into an opaque box.  Everything can be examined.

For ages six and up.

$5.00 (shipping and handling included)

Magic Playing Cards

Perform astounding card tricks that make you look like a sleight of hand expert.  (Even though you're not!)  The deck does all of the work and teaches you ten different mind-boggling card tricks.

For ages six and up.

$5.00 (shipping and handling included)

Disappearing Ink

This is a classic practical joke.  Squirt the ink on your shirt and it looks like a horrible stain, but it completely disappears in about two minutes.  Works on any washable material.

For ages five and up.

$2.50 per bottle (shipping and handling included)

Balloon Sculpture Kit

Learn the art of making balloon animals and become the life of the party! This kit includes instructions, 50 balloons, and a pump to blow them up with.

For ages seven and up.

$8.50 (shipping and handling included)

Extra Balloons

100 ct. bag: $10.00 (shipping and handling included)

Gus the Bunny's Magic Flower Wand

Put an invisible seed into the empty flower pot, with the wave of the wand, a flower instantly appears!!! Includes deluxe feather flower, wand, pot and instructions.

$12.00 (shipping and handling included)

Gus the Bunny's Favorite Magic Set

This set includes a magic wand and high quality magic props to amaze your family and friends!

$20.00 (shipping and handling included)

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