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School Assemblies

In a brilliant flash, Baffling Bill arrives at your school to teach and entertain with the Magic of Learning Enrichment Series.

With over 15 years of experience as an educator/entertainer, Baffling Bill knows how to make learning fun through dazzling magic, audience participation, and non-stop laughter!

"...absolutely terrific!  Our school has had many magic shows in the past, but yours was by far the best!"

Dr. Karen Bolak, Principal
Washington Elementary

"Everything about The Magic of Reading was top-notch, down to the smallest details. I particularly appreciated the way the children were encouraged to participate...Superb!"

Lynn Smith, PTA
George Fisher Elementary

"For a program filled with joy and laughter with a message as well, call William and Di."

Dave Cooper, Principal
Little Elementary

The Magic of Reading Menu

An effective educational program using magical illusions to encourage and teach:

star Ways to practice Reading
star The Importance of Reading
star Making Reading a Priority
star How Reading is Fun

This show also includes live animals, audience participation, and the Magic Spelling Bee!

"The more you read, the more you know...
the more you know, the farther you go!"

The Self-Esteem Magic Show Menu

star Children will learn that they can be anything or anyone when they grow up, regardless of their origin or background.
star Helps them improve relationships with other children as a result of feeling good about themselves.
star Baffling Bill also teaches the importance of teamwork and conflict resolution in this high-energy show geared to the age level of the audience!

The I Love America Magic Show Menu

Baffling Bill will entertain you with amazing facts about our great country:

star Learn about what the American Flag symbolizes.
star Hear interesting facts about our past presidents.
star Learn the proud history of many famous Americans.

Perfect for:
star History Curriculum
star Presidential Birthdays
star Mock School Elections
star Memorial Day/Week
star Thanksgiving
star Flag Day

The Enviro-Magic Show Menu

Children of all ages require motivation and education concerning our environment and recycling.

star How do trees help us breathe?
star How can we conserve drinking water?
star What items can be recycled?
star How do we prepare the items to be picked up?
star Which animals are endangered species?
star What can we do to help?

Find out about these and other interesting facts in a fast-paced amusing show guaranteed to help our earth!

Available for Earth Day or anytime of the year!

The Think Safety! Magic Show Menu

Baffling Bill presents the Think Safety Magic Show!

The best way to prevent accidents is to THINK SAFETY!  Baffling Bill uses entertaining magical illusions to encourage and teach:

star Bike Safety
star Roller Blade Safety
star Stranger Danger
star Playground Safety
star Handling Scissors Safely
star Balloon Danger
star Wearing Bright at Night

This 35 minute show also includes audience participation, special effects, and the presentation of a live bunny rabbit.

Baffling Bill's Magic Workshop Menu

And now for something completely different...A Hands On workshop that teaches children the secrets of magic! Each child receives a bag of tricks to keep - and each magic trick is patiently taught by Baffling Bill!

This 1 hour class benefits your students by encouraging creativity, public speaking, manual dexterity, self-discipline, and positive self-esteem!

Excellent for:
star Fine Arts Day
star In-classroom activity
star After School/Latch Key Program

Workshops available for grades K-6th

The Magic Chef's Nutrition Show Menu

2 Cups Comedy
2 Cups Fantastic Magic
3 Tbsp. Audience Participation
1 Bunny Rabbit

The Magic Chef mixes these ingredients for 35 minutes to teach the importance of good nutrition!

star Learn how to eat properly to stay physically fit.
star See the food pyramid clearly explained.
star Learn how to determine beneficial foods from unhealthy foods.
star See children participate in a hilarious cooking lesson.

The Absolutely Baffling Magic Show Menu

This is the show that made Baffling Bill a famous children's entertainer!

45 minutes of astounding magic, audience participation, balloon sculpture, live animals, and non-stop fun make this the perfect show for:

star Reward Assemblies
star Family Nights
star Ice Cream Socials
star End of School Celebrations
star School Carnivals

Merlin's Magic Show Menu

This is the show that made Merlin the greatest Wizard of all time! 45 minutes of astonishing magic, audience participation, hilarious comedy, live animals and non-stop fun makes this show perfect for:

star School Assemblies
star Family Night Parties
star Library Programs
star Shopping mall Promotions
star Company Parties

Merlin's Magic of Reading  Menu

An effective educational program using magical illusions to encourage and teach:

star Ways to Practice Reading
star The Importance of Reading
star Making Reading a Priority
star How Reading is Fun

This 40 minute show also includes live animals, audience participation and the Magic Spelling Bee!

Merlin's Spooky Magic Show Menu

star See Drawing of Frankenstein Come to Life!
star See Willie the Ghost Disappear!
star See Halloween Safety Tips Uniquely Presented with a Magical Effect!

Merlin's Halloween Magic Show features an array of spooky tricks for fun and laughs

This 40 minute show includes live animals, audience participation and large illusions.

The Spooky Magic Halloween Show Menu

star See ghosts and spooks magically appear!
star See drawing of Frankenstein come to life and sing!
star See Halloween safety tips uniquely presented with magical effects!

Baffling Bill's Halloween Magic Show features an array of spooky tricks for fun and laughs.

The show also includes live animals, audience participation, and large illusions.

Rudolph's Magic of Christmas Show Menu

Rudolph's show begins with Baffling Bill attempting to make Rudolph appear in a puff of smoke... POOF!

As the smoke clears, much to baffling bill's dismay there is no Rudolph. Meanwhile the children begin to scream with delight, Rudolph has just appeared behind the unsuspecting Baffling Bill!

And now the fun begins:
star Enjoy Rudolph's zany antics!
star Laugh at Rudolph's impish tricks!
star Participate in 35 minutes of fast-paced Holiday fun!

The Easter Bunny's Magic Show Menu

star See the Easter Bunny perform amazing feats of magic!
star See flowers, umbrellas, and a live bunny appear out of thin air!
star See your students smile and laugh at the Magic Jelly Bean Trick!

This 35 minute show is guaranteed to cure your student's spring fever. They will love the Easter Bunny's mischievous appearance, outrageous antics, and puzzling magic!

Baffling Bill the Magician