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Screen Shot 2018 09 24 at 10.26.06 AMReading is Magic.

IloveameericashowBaffling Bill will entertain you with amazing facts about our great country:

Learn about what the American Flag symbolizes. Hear interesting facts about our past presidents. Learn the proud history of many famous Americans.

Perfect for:

  • History Curriculum
  • Presidential Birthdays
  • Mock School Elections
  • Memorial Day/Week
  • Thanksgiving
  • Flag Day

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Rudolph's show begins with Baffling Bill attempting to make Rudolph appear in a puff of smoke... POOF!

EasterShowSee the Easter Bunny perform amazing feats of magic!

See flowers, umbrellas, and a live bunny appear out of thin air! See your students smile and laugh at the Magic Jelly Bean Trick!

This 35 minute show is guaranteed to cure your student's spring fever. They will love the Easter Bunny's mischievous appearance, outrageous antics, and puzzling magic!

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smallspookymagicBaffling Bill's Halloween Magic Show features an array of spooky tricks for fun and laughs.

The show also includes live animals, audience participation, and large illusions.

  • See ghosts and spooks magically appear!
  • See drawing of Frankenstein come to life and sing!
  • See Halloween safety tips uniquely presented with magical effects!

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